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FASHIONVILLE | December 28

9 New Years Dresses I’m Currently Stalking

For those of you still lacking in a proper outfit to ring in the 2013, I have some picks that might fit with whatever plans you have conjured up. From drinking the night away in some cheesy 3-story club playing outdated techno remixes, to a dinner party with some ‘friends’ in which you will attach yourself to every single elegible bastard in hopes of getting laid, I have the right dress to help you in your endeavor. And, you can still get it overnighted in time for the festivities!

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FASHIONVILLE | September 28

H&M Delays E-Commerce Launch

Ugh, really? Mass retailer H&M is on the forefront of most fast-fashion trends, except for having an online store. Unfortunately the retailer has announced that they are delaying their highly-anticipated launch of a United States E-Commerce outlet. 

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FASHIONVILLE | September 6

Top Model: Best Dressed Model Off Duty Day 1 of NYFW

This morning, backstage at Creatures of the Wind, I did a double take at model Maya‘s top as I gingerly maneuvered past the Essie nail station (no smudging!). I asked her if she was already dressed for the show; the hues were strikingly similar to that of the Creatures’. But nay! It was her own outfit, and the kind of hi-lo that isn’t a tired mullet shirt (thank gawd!). Half swag from Balenciaga, half fast fashion, the look is a refreshing change from the standard ripped jeans, tees and leathers that swath the average model. Guess which part is high and which is low. 

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The History of Cowboy Boots as a Fashion Statement

Cowboy boots have been a Wild West tradition on the American range since post-Civil War times. During the 1920′s, Hollywood picked up on the trend through Wild West flicks and the Roy Rogers Show. The cowboy boot has been an American trend staple rocked by Miley Cyrus and Clint Eastwood alike, and we’ve found five awesome examples of how to carry on the tradition.

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roundUP: 9 Spring Statement Shoes (read: bright, happy heels)

The statement is that Spring has come early. Or that winter never really came. Either way, we’re doubly ready for the new breed of neons that are sprinkled with sherbet, the black and white/clear zigging and zagging, and the wedges that will set us over the edge of spring fever. Better yet? These shoes make far greater statements than that of the weather; they will express your sheer contentment and stunning outlook. 

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CULTURE CLUB | November 15

5 Airport Gems for the Chic Traveler

Sleeping in a rigid terminal seat, shopping over-priced duty free perfume and spending $15 on some stale excuse for a salad – if you’ve ever been stuck in the airport before, this is probably how your day played-out. On the contrary, we’ve found 5 fabulous airports that are considered gems rather than dives. These are the airports with such amazing amenities, you might just want your flight delayed a tad bit longer.

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Seven Sparkling Sequined Pieces Perfect for the Casino Getaway

What’s the best part about living in New York City? Flashy, trashy, good time gambling town Atlantic City is a mere few hours away. Okay, maybe it’s not the best thing, but it sure is fun when you have a hankering for craps and Vegas isn’t in your budget. In addition to the essentials like poker face, boozing cap and dancing shoes, flamboyantly glittering garments and accessories are a must for this weekend getaway. Click through for seven of our favorite pieces.

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Shop & Chat Simultaneously With Zara +Connect

International fast fashion sensation Zara has a cool new iPad app to beef up its resume. Zara +Connect let’s you shop and chat with a pal at the same time through its interactive technology. No more sending picture messages from the dressing room and waiting for friend approval. See the launch video after the jump.

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10 Pairs of Fall Boots to Buy NOW

As we enjoy this Indian summer, we’re still finding it difficult to think about colder weather wear. But a fall chill is welcome and the winter is inevitable, so shopping now before your size sells out seems like the smart thing to do. Replacing boots yearly is usually necessary – rain, sleet and snow don’t exactly nurture them with tender care. With that said, here are 10 pairs of boots you can buy now to enjoy until Spring showers change the seasons again.

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