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Taking Names and Spilling Dirt with the Girls Behind @Blogger_Bitches

I’ve  recently become addicted to a new Tumblr called Blogger Bitches, which features hilarious gif responses to some of bloggers biggest PR pet peeves. From “Dear Blogger” spam blasts to brands who seem only interested in wasting our time, the girls behind the blog give us the truth about dealing with the worst in the industry and which bloggers they feel are overrated.

Taking Names and Spilling Dirt with the Girls Behind @Blogger Bitches


You seem like you might be a fashion blogger.

BB – We are bloggers – we have been blogging since 2008 we have two blogs prior to this we worked in retailing from starting up a retail business to wholesaling fashion brands so we know lots about fashion.

Just to explain at the beginning of November we had four days of none stop PR – Social Media lunacy and actually felt like throwing the towel in so on the Saturday we had the Tumblr idea as a way of unleashing steam so we just thought of every incident which had happened and suddenly it went viral and everyone saying how we voiced their pain which made us happy but also sad as the UK is so behind the US in valuing bloggers and their voice

Your Tumblr hits on every pain point bloggers face, what’s been your biggest PR nightmare?

BB – Phoning a well-known but now faded transatlantic brand (Timberland) and being told they wouldn’t give out the name of the PR – they wouldn’t even give a generic PR email address – then 2 days later we had some social media company asking if we would put some video on our blog as the content would be good for our site (that old chestnut)  – the video was the latest Timberland advert …….. Seriously you couldn’t make that up.

Having the CEO of a brand phone you as his wife loves your blog and asking why you don’t have his brand on and explaining that his PR sent a snotty email saying they didn’t want to be on your blog as it wasn’t edgy enough – we blog aimed at the forty plus woman the brand in this case is very firmly that sector – yes I sent him the email.- yes the PR is still in her job ……. but they sent me a coat to appease me ???

Which bloggers do you feel are doing it right? Which ones do you think are overrated?

BB – We are normally London based but for the last year we have been in Manchester and we have come across some superb blogs in Scotland , Belfast and Ireland all covering a wide variety of subjects but sadly ignored and constantly “scammed by social media guru’s”

Sadly most people / journalists only know about 4 bloggers so you get constant stories on Liberty London Girl (who actually blogs very little her business is social media helping brands utilize it ) Bip Ling (shaking head here as to what she blogs about ) Suzie Bubble – she covers new and fledgling brands but has mainstream brands chasing her – she doesn’t cover them so where is the adjacency (although we like her) so everyone thinks your life is like that! Plus all journalists / PR’s / Brands benchmark against them and want blogs to look identical !!!

Not to name names (but let’s cause it’s fun), which PRs get it right? Which ones don’t?

BB - Defiantly the beauty brands have it really organized and know how to work with bloggers love Clarins they totally get it but Chanel is another gig all together – all the PR and marketing treat bloggers like second rate individuals and on the phone I was told “hold it right there you’re a blogger – sorry Chanel beauty doesn’t engage with bloggers” I had visions of the woman with her hand in the air like a stop sign- the word blogger was spat out with a faux French accent (the PR is actually from South London )

The big PR companies which have several disciplines like the Communications Store you can have 2 PR’s who love bloggers and get them and then another PR who sits two seats away who wants to know how you got on their mailing list – in most big prestige PR companies they don’t have a consistent line with bloggers unless their client says we want to include bloggers and then they just want you to copy the crappy press release.

You can almost imagine in the meeting when the client mentions bloggers they say “yes we love the bloggers they will cover your brand / product no you don’t pay them – no send the product to the glossy magazines, them bloggers are grateful we are emailing them.”

Marks and Spencer try to “get” bloggers but are scared of them as they don’t toe the party line and say complimentary things

BB - I would say lots of the big brands because they outsource to social media companies who feel bloggers shouldn’t be paid as they are giving them “fabulous content” or they should pay a pittance yet they take a large hefty fee

What are your top PR don’ts?

BB - Don’t start the email off with “Dear Blogger”

Don’t ask a blogger to write about a product which can’t be bought on the internet

Don’t ask a blogger to write about a site launch which isn’t transactional

Don’t start your press release off saying a new site has launched which has secured a few million in funding but none for advertising or sponsored posts

Don’t ask a blogger to post an advert video up for free and make it go viral

They don’t join the dots up and cross reference – so PR – Marketing and Affiliate are never on the same page

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Written by Beca Alexander

My spirit animal is Michelle Harper.