Target GOes Without Designers

Target GOes Without Designers fashion

Target’s Go! International collection is ditching the designers to bring out a collection of products that are the “must-have items of the moment” (Targets words, not mine).  While the looks aren’t bad looking, this makes me feel as if the whole Go! International thing was just some ploy to get people talking about Target’s fashionable looks. Now that they’ve built Go! International into a source for great fashion, they seem to be moving it along on their own, keeping the price for commissioning designers down and garnering all the attention for their collections.

Personally, I’ve always loved Go! International since it really was a spring board for many of the indies we’ve grown to love (Proenza Schouler, Partick Robinson, Erin Fetherston, Jovovich-Hawk), seeing it go so corporate feels like they we’re just using the designers.  I hope we get to see a new designer collection soon (or maybe they can just ship over some of the Zac Posen pieces they released in Australia), cause if this is the way Go! goes, this will be the last time we talk about it on


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