Ten Ghetto Fabulous Don’ts

Since nothing today is working properly, we thought that it would be a fun activity (to waste time in between screaming at people) to sit down and slightly make fun of Fabulous Ghetto Fashions (new category on Fahion Indie), that we have all been submerged in. So we collaborated and came up with our 10 faves. Enjoy…

womens fashion

1. Super Baggy Pants – Pants have sizes for a reason, so that they fit … correctly. Why spend money on something that is three sizes too big? Was your size not available?

saggy pants

This also includes shorts; if they’re down to your ankles then they aren’t really shorts anymore, are they? And that defeats the purpose. Pull them up, no one wants to see your boxers! 2. Colored Diamonds- Some time ago, it became “cool” for men to have their ears pierced. It started with little hoops and has turned into massive diamond studs, or even worse; name plates. Come On! Really? So, it’s attractive when men wear pink or yellow studs? Are they even real? Colored diamonds are expensive, and in those sizes….If my bf had studs bigger than mine, I wouldn’t be a happy camper! Oh, and please keep them out out of your mouth !

womens fashion


3. Image Overload. Having dollar signs, diamonds, Disney characters, or anything like that all over your clothes is ugly, period! It makes the clothes look cheap, which then makes you look silly. And besides, Mickey, Daffy, and Goofy are not cool for anyone over the age of 5.

womens fashion

4. Baseball Caps With The Sticker Still On – Those are meant to be removed, thats why they’re removable. N0 need to advertise the size of your head, the manufacturer, or how much you paid for it.

womens fashion

5. Full Denim Jumpsuits – There CAN absolutely be too much of a good thing, and unless your Jennifer Lopez, chances are this look isn’t very flattering on you anyway. PS: This includes an all denim outfit, the pieces don’t have to be connected.

ghetto fingernails

6. Long Nails - Acrylic or not, nails shouldn’t go much past the ends of your fingers. They should never be so long they start to curve, and once you add airbrushed patterns and rhinestones, they’re plain scary. So unless your performing a traditional Thai dance, clip them. Although, it IS very entertaining to watch a cashier type with those things.7. Name Plates – Why can’t you just introduce yourself? Why does your name, or your baby mamma’s name, have to be on your crotch, neck, ears, fingers, ect? Other words aren’t acceptable either like “pimp,” “dope,” or “sexy.” Totally NOT sexy!

womens fashion

This dude was nominated for a Grammy. Yeah, we’re serious.

8. Grillz – Are you serious… ew. I can’t imagine that tastes good in your mouth and it looks beyond ridiculous. I wouldn’t want to kiss anyone with metal in their mouth. It’s like dentures only for people who don’t have missing teeth. Or do they?


lil jon bling

Lil Jon a.k.a Our Generations Liberace

9. Bling – First of all, the word is stupid. Second, you don’t need diamonds (or whatever your diamond replacement of choice is) all over everything. Thirdly, you shouldn’t have a piece of jewelry the size of your head.

womens fashion

10. Multi-Colored Neon Sneakers – Make up your mind! That’s all I have to say…PS: Please no hate mail for this article!

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