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by on April 16, 2008

Ten Things I Dont Get About Du Rags

1. Why in the fuck is doo (as in Hairdoo) spelled Du? Does the company who makes these want everyone to know that you can’t spell even the simplest words?  I’d be offended if I were you.

2. Isn’t the purpose of these to protect your short hair styles at night? If so, why in the hell is it worn during the day, when you’re out in public, when I can see you and laugh at you. It’s like a woman who heads to the supermarket in curlers and wonders why people throw cans of creamed corn at her head.

3 . And on that note, why is it worn when you don’t have your hair styled in?  It’s like you’re so lost in the Du Rag lifestyle that you’ve failed to ignore it’s original purpose, to keep your “du” together at night.

Ten Things I Dont Get About Du Rags

If you are white. And wear a du-rag. You look like this. 

4. White people and hispanicals, PLEASE STOP ROCKING DU RAGS!!! You are not Eminem and you’re black friends talk shit about you behind your back. Seriously, I promise.

5.  If you do insist on wearing them as a “fashion piece” can you please invest in one that’s not made out of polyester?  I understand that they have become everyday hoodwear, but they don’t need to be so cheap. If you want to wear them on the street, please invest in a leather or more stylish version.  I know no one makes them in leather, but jump on this trend and get started on crafting them and maybe you might make some legit street money.

6. Why are they only sold at bodegas? Aren’t they worthy of 99 cent store representation as well?

7.  They cost about a nickel. There’s no reason why you should ever have to put them in the wash.  Buy a new one at least once a week for the sake of the advanced society that has grown around your grimy ways.

Ten Things I Dont Get About Du Rags

8.  Jordan Durags for $20 bucks. Really?

Ten Things I Dont Get About Du Rags

Daniel Saynt as Kevin Federline (it was a dark time in my life)

9. Only hood rats think you look hot in a du-rag. Seriously, I promise you it’s the truth. I wore a du-rag for Halloween two years ago (I was dressed like Kevin Federline) and I got the number of every ghetto chick and their babies.  It was like hood rats were falling from the sky and asking for child support.

Ten Things I Dont Get About Du Rags

10.  Tupac and Biggie did not wear durags. Isn’t that enough convincing for you to do the same?


Contributed by Saynt

Fashion Indie's Big Poppa.