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Thank You for Smoking!!!


Fashion was never meant to be safe.

It’s destructive and meant specifically for the .01% of the population that can maintain a size two frame, spend over an hour on hair and make-up and spend thousands on couture.  This is why I’m in love with Paris Vogue’s refusal to play it safe by featuring a smoking hot Kate Moss taking puffs from a CIGARETTE!!!  Yes, the sensor society of America has no say on what happens in the pages of magazines across the Atlantic, which is why this version of Vogue is so much more potent than Anna’s monthly love letter to Cosmopolitan.

Not everyone agrees with the smoking gun that is Moss’s spread. Gossip mongered Perez Hilton (aka the best reason to endorse late term abortions) feels that Kate’s spread is “Icky Icky Poo” (his words, not mine) and that Kate should put down the Parliaments (cause they cause cancer) and retire.

Last time I checked Perezy, shoving fistfuls of chocolate cake down your glutenous trap causes just as much damage to your body as an occasional smoke.  Get off your fucking high horse and jog, you fat bastard.

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  1. The greater harm here, by far, is being so unbelievably (and unhealthily) whisper thin. With so little body mass, I can only image the damage that one cigarette puff would do to the body. It’s unfortunate and sad, and the magazine editors should really be ashamed at the double-negative message being broadcast here.

  2. True smoking is a bad habit, but what we can’t stand is the constant hatred towards smokers. Back off of the puffers, let them be.

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