After Chelsea Handler went on a drunken tirade (Handler doesn’t do any other kind of tirade) against Angelina Jolie, her new BFF Jennifer Aniston got royally pissed.

The Aniston Handler BFF Train Gets DerailedJennifer is allegedly “furious with Chelsea for bringing the whole situation back to life again and landing her on the cover of a weekly magazine…with a Brad headline.”

Also, Aniston “hasn’t felt this betrayed since John Mayer held a ‘press conference’ to announce he was breaking up with her.”

Oh, Jen. Jen, Jen, Jen. No one likes a whiner.

You’ve got a drunken pit bull in your corner, don’t muzzle the bitch. Keep her fed on vodka and human flesh then set her loose to rip that do-gooding, Oscar-winning, husband-stealing mother of 12 a new one.

Everyone wants you to, just give the people what they want.

LINK LOVE: Popeater

Sidebar: John Mayer’s a tool and his music is crap.

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