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The Annotated Anna Wintour

Hey did you catch the Anna Wintour painting at Fashion Week by artist ?

Here’s the before:

The Annotated Anna Wintour  fashion

Raymond said of the work:

“I usually paint Wall Street movers and shakers, but I’m having a Fashion Week moment and have been gathering annotations on my portrait of outside Bryant Park this week. Interesting the amount of people who obviously want to write something but aren’t comfortable doing so. Meanwhile, a man from Vogue dropped by and said, “Anna’s not going to like this.” I told him I didn’t understand why not—the painting is relatively flattering and most of the comments are nice enough. He just shook his head.”

And here is the end result:

The Annotated Anna Wintour  fashion

Comments included:

—”Love you or hate you, they all have an opinion of you. Own it!”
—”You look great without the sunglasses”
—”Hi Anna—I want a pass to the Vogue party”
—”All is fair in love and war”
—”I think the table of contents should be at the front of the magazine. Who’s got time?”
—”Enjoy the moment ’cause that’s how it is. Aliona Doletskaya will eat your lunch.”
—”Relax Anna. Don’t be too serious!!”

Like the work? It could be yours starting at $3,500! The artist is selling the Wintour work on Ebay! You may want to hurry up, the sale ends on Saturday at 11 am.


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