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Edited by on January 7 2009 at 12:41 PM

The Bashed: BagTV

We all survived the mini backpacks and see-through bags; but if 2009 means purses with built-in TVs, I’d sooner buy a time machine.

Available in a variety of colors and materials, the $400 BagTV has a 7-inch TV screen, DVD and MPEG player with USB connectivity and 2.5-hour battery life

My immediate thought was concern that people would get mugged for these. But I’m pretty sure even the hardest criminal would be ashamed to even touch this.

Even I am limited in my ability to capture perfection with words. So here are the best quotes from the BagTV website, which hyphenates “hand-bag:”

  • “…enables the owner to literally watch Films/Videos…” (literally!!)
  • “Use at night in bars, and clubs to show off your latest photos, or favourite videos.” (You’re going home alone tonight from said bar or club)
  • “…doubles as a really useful bit of kit for the ladies to rival their boys toys!” (…bit of kit?)

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Story by Andy Wass

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