The Bashed: Last Night’s Project Runway

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Is it just me, or are the producers of Project Runway Season 5 really scrambling for for creative challenges these days?  Wednesday nights used to mean an hour of neck to neck fashion design, but now, having sat through challenges for drag queens and designs made of car parts, I am reluctant to even turn on the television. Really people, this isn’t fashion design. This is a contest to see who smoked so much weed in high school that they have the ability to make garments out of used tires and table cloths. 

And last nights episode just put the cherry on top of an awful season. Not only did designers have to create outfits inspired by different music genres, they had to design it for a fellow competitor! You call that a challenge? They didn’t even have to take the other designers style or preferences into consideration! Basically, the challenge was to create a music inspired Halloween costume for someone who isn’t a 00. Let’s take a look how the garments turned out:

The Bashed: Last Nights Project Runway fashion’s punk rock design for Suede had him looking like he got stuck in the washing machine. Bleached jeans. Chains. Sideways studded belt. Torn strips on a shirt. This is what you need to win? Suede looks like a tool…and a woman.

The Bashed: Last Nights Project Runway fashion’s hip-hop design for Leanne looked like clothes for one of those borderline slutty, pathetic dolls. Those have got to be the most unflattering pants I’ve ever seen…and what’s with the 80’s print shirt? Personally, I think little Miss Bitch and Moan should have gone home last night. 

The Bashed: Last Nights Project Runway fashionUhh, so did Suede decide to skip the rock and roll designing and send straight onto the runway? This looks like something he would wear on a daily basis (minus the ridiculous head pieces or military hats). And those pants…a bit too tight. Those of us who watched last night got a zoom-in on ’s family jewels. 

The Bashed: Last Nights Project Runway fashionMy props to Leanna who had to design around ’s trunk junk, but if it weren’t for plaid, I wouldn’t have known this was a country inspired design. Anyone else notice the pucker of fabric in ’s crotch?

The Bashed: Last Nights Project Runway fashion’s pop design for wasn’t trashy, but it sure as hell wasn’t flattering. looked like a slightly sexed up version of Hannah Montana with silver cups over her AA sized boobs. Really, I could find this exact outfit at in the clearance section. 

Anyone else miss Christian Siriano or Jeffrey Sebelia just as much as I do? At least they were talented. So long Suede. Your awful blue mohawk and irregular third-person commentary were fun while they lasted. Here’s to you Corey…

The Bashed: Last Nights Project Runway fashion

This is what love looks like.


Thanks for the photos BRAVO TV!

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