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The Bashed: Mikaeel Jackson

The Bashed: Mikaeel Jackson fashion
HEFFA SAY WHAT?!?!  Michael Jackson has converted to Islam? And Jesus wept.  Somewhere in a mud hut, an Arab man is so pissed he’s about to pass a gaggle of French hens through his anal cavity.  The radical Islamic regime has never wanted us more dead than in this special moment in time.  This can’t be good for foreign relations,  especially since sweet lil Mikey is dressed IN WOMEN’S TRADITIONAL VEIL!!!  AND OH MY GAAAAHHHD:  I don’t even think this look is in this season!  Ugggggghhhhh!
Whatever happened to sweet normal lil Mikey with the greasy, wrap around, bell pepper nose, so extra it violated zoning laws and it needed it’s own zip code & governing officials?  I’m lookin so crazy right now…………..I wonder what Brian Boitano‘ed do?
Oh, he changed his name to Mikaeel…
-Z’maji of HauteBlogXOXO
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  • to good to be true
    Yes! Mikaeel is Muslim! yay! yay! i knew some day he will, may Allah bless him. dont say anything about Mikaeel or his religion! got that?!?! anywayzzz as i was saying... I miss Mikaeel Jackson! LOL
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