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Edited by on November 6 2008 at 12:27 PM

The Bashed: Rihanna for Gucci x UNICEF

The Bashed: Rihanna for Gucci x UNICEF

I’m sorry, Gucci. I love your vintage handbag designs and several of your clothing collections, I can respect your legacy as a major fashion house, I crush on Tom Ford, etc. etc.

But I make it no secret in my life that I can’t stand Rihanna, musically, visually, theoretically, seriously! I wonder if she’s from the same short-haired planet Posh is from. I don’t think she has the talent to be a lasting force in the entertainment industry; and it never ceases to amaze me how people mistake million-dollar stylists and designer-gifted garb for having a fashion sense. I imagine Rihanna’s morning routine to be something like that dress-making scene in Disney’s Cinderella. Jay Z has to enlist a team of mice and birds to turn her rags into riches. She’s simply a vehicle, a blank slate with money. She has a pretty face

Anyway, I think Gucci’s first ad campaign for its collaboration with UNICEF is a mistake. Slated to hit magazines in December, the ads show Rihanna with the Tattoo Heart bags. 25 percent of sales of the limited edition bags benefit UNICEF. That’s all very noble. But when you have to use a combination of an overused, undertalented performer and combine it with Ed Hardy knockoff art… I just don’t buy it. It all senses of the word! This campaign comes off as really cheap to me and makes me wonder about the financial and ethical states of the big fashion houses. Clearly a charitable cause is not enough to move units; they need a cheap-looking, unoriginal motif, and a too-familiar celebrity face.

Images from The Fashion Spot.

Story by Andy Wass

Cheers: Mary-Kate, Karl Lagerfeld, grunge, gypsies, birds ----- Jeers: Ronsons, neon, ombre, gold, pants