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Edited by on January 5 2009 at 1:58 PM

The Bashed: Wino
Indies,  I wanted to start 09 off right by threatening your stomachs to unleash the lattes you had this morning.  Yes, Amy is on the beach giving unobstructed view of inadequate tiddiez and if that didn’t stoke the fires of your refinement,  she added in a crotch grab for no extra charge.  I feel so sad for those bikini bottoms,  I bet there’s all sorts of chum down there.  Don’t those sad little tiddiez make you remember when you were young and you’d look through the pages of National Geographic hoping to see a 3rd world breast but when you found it,  it was deflated and saggy but you were greatful to Jesus to see it anyhow?  I know you were looking too reprobates!  Now just so we’re clear,  this will NOT be the beach look for S/S 09′……………..I just want to make sure no one was confused.
- Z’maji of HauteBlogXOXO
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Story by Zmaji Robinson