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Edited by on July 9 2009 at 2:14 PM

Taxidermy JewelleryRied Peppard work is basically wearable taxidermy making it very creepy, but totally cool. I’ll admit, I’m not really down for wearing a mouse around my neck but am obsessed with his wing pieces. On par with feathers as far as trends go, these wings are gorgeous and totally editorial worthy. Surprisingly versatile, these wings look just as good in this minimalist shoot as they would in something more boho or beach inspired. Check out more of Reid Peppard’s work on his blog.


SOURCE: Frillr

Story by Monique Montagnese, Contributor

in my dream world i'd be blogging from london stealing the queens wifi, wearing black chanel sequin hot pants and listening to my ipod on shuffle, my favorite dj. i suppose new york is alright for now...