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The Daily Back Row: 10 Things to Learn from This Fashion Week for Next Fashion Week

An insider look from the outside. Issue 6: Learn it and learn. It. Well.

<i>The Daily Back Row</i>: 10 Things to Learn from This Fashion Week for Next Fashion Week

1. Charge it. Keep your phone charged at all times and at all costs lest you miss out on the chance to obsessively tweet, Instagram or upload something, such as a publicist getting the shame slapped out of her.

2. Skip it. Lines are for losers. PR companies always overbook events to ensure seats are filled and that there’s a line around the block — anticipation makes everything seem cooler — but there’s no point in getting in back if you want to get in. It’s incredibly rude, but fashion ain’t for the squeamish.

3. Tweet it. Social media is a world unto itself and highly-publicized events like New York Fashion Week are you chance to build a bigger following on whatever platforms you love because the world, after all, is watching. And updating its status.

4. Hashtag it. At a certain point, I noticed tweets looked more like some indecipherable code :

“Grabbing a cocktail and snapping photos with @DB and@SwaggerNewYork at @Gant1949 by @mbastiannyc #GantGalapagos #nyfw”

In other words, with friends enjoying Gant by Michael Bastian’s Galapagos-themed presentation during Fashion Week. But it increases your chances of retweets and perhaps an honorable mention.

5. Read it. There are always volunteers handing out copies of The Daily Front Row and Women’s Wear Daily, whether it’s outside Lincoln Center, Milk Studios or wherever. The dailies are filled with info, quotes and relative minutiae from the previous day’s proceedings and a well-informed fashion observer is a successful fashion observer.

6. Lounge it. Fashion Week lounges are a lifesaver, giving the tired, weak, the huddled masses yearning to drink free a place to rest, recharge and get some work done — whether that’s actual work or a mani-ped is up to you and the lounge you choose.

7. Schmooze it. NYFW is basically just one big networking mixer. Fashion friendships and business relationships are born and die in the Fashion Week trenches so come with a healthy collection of biz cards and the fakest smile you can muster.

8. Style it. For me, the best thing about Fashion Week is the amount of WERQ people put in. It’s not everyday you’re surrounded by fabulous people wearing fabulous clothes and the fashion folk really put in an effort to turn it out that does not go unappreciated.

9. Rest it. During NYFW, it’s a generally accepted rule that you can rest when you die, but there’s no point in speeding up the process. Even a little catnap every now and then, if you can spare it, will keep you going or else you might just konk out before the finish line.

10. Enjoy it. Fashion Week comes but twice a year to New York and for all the posturing, posing and pettiness, it’s still really fucking fun. Fashion shows, dinners, parties — for one week there is a fashion community acting more or less in solidarity and it’s to be enjoyed while it lasts. Then we can all get back to talking shit behind each other’s backs. Or indirectly to each other’s faces.

Contributed by Lester Brathwaite

I was center square from 1969 to 1978, during which I perfected the art of the zing as well as a crippling cocaine addiction. Bea Arthur was responsible for both. @LesFabian lester dot brathwaite at gmail