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The Devil Wears YSL

So someone is really, really into The Devil Wears Prada. The new Stylista show is basically a shittier, faker version of the movie. The boss lady at Elle tries her best to emulate Miranda Priestly, but comes up short cause a) she lacks style, b) Botox doesn’t allow for much emotion, and c) she was nice to the fat girl with ugly glasses (after the jump). This show is in a desperate need of a Patricia Fields make-over. All the style is just so, blah.

Duly noted is the YSL necklace Miranda’s doppleganglers wearing. Very chic.

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  1. Faker than the hills…

    but ill probably end up watching..
    just to see if she falls on her face.. practice walking in those shoes

  2. I was going to say the same thing! Editors of all top fashion magazines should know how to walk in pumps…unreasonable? I think not.

  3. Is she nice to the glasses girl because she feels bad?

    Or because that’s how so many fashion magazine writers actually look?


    I’m sure you saw all these in your earlier perusal of the train wreck (I mean gala) at the Met.

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