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Hey Fellas: Do You Know the Dos & Don’ts of Skinny Jeans?

For dudes, there is a fine line between wearing skinny jeans and looking like you are wearing your girlfriend’s jeans – a line that is crossed more often than not. It is New York Fashion Week and we have seen a good range of men in skinny jeans, the good and the bad.

The FashionIndie team is passionate about our jeans and finding the right fit, so we have put together a few dos and don’ts for pulling off the style correctly.



Go to a store and try things on. It may seem like a hassle at first but will pay off in the end. Make sure the jeans are not too tight – a mans jeans should never “hug” their body (like in photo above, that’s a DON’T)

Written by Louie Rodrigues