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The Duckies Get Some Celebrity Support

The Duckies Get Some Celebrity Support photoI’m not sure if the Duckies still heart me after I lampooned their silent collection last season, but if they are still paying attention to Fashion Indie, then I would strongly appreciate an invite this season.

Their show is to take place at 1:00PM today and a huge cache of major Hollywood power hitters will be lining the runway for their much anticipated collection.

Brad Pitt, Linda Evangelista, Kate Moss, Tom Brady, LeBron James, Daniel Craig, Justin Timberlake, Jeff Koons, and Mariah Carey are all set to attend, which is most likely due more to the designers partnership with Montblanc. The watch company will place timepieces on each of the models hitting the runway and I’m sure for the celebrity packed house and the money they fronted the designers for the deal, the Duckies will have their boys checking the time at the end of each runway walk.

What time is is now? Corporate sponsor love time…


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