September 05, 2008 | Amanda Gabriele

The Fashion Inquisition: Coogi- More Than a Sweater?

Thrifting is my most beloved hobby when I get a moment of free time. I come across the good, bad and just plain zany when I go on these excursions. Usually, I enjoy pieces that are tongue-in-cheek like Boy Scout shirts, old lady shades and sweaters. These things are great when found secondhand. Yesterday, however, a customer came into work wearing jeans that said “” and had crazy neon embroidery across the front. To say the least, I’m still confused. I thought sweaters were for retired playboys living in golfing communities in South Beach. Regardless, I pulled a few photos of this “contemporary Coogie” movement I’ve been seeing. I think it’s whack, but what is your opinion?

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About the Author: Amanda realized at a young age she could turn her love for materialistic bullshit into a lucrative career. She gets the best of two worlds working in both fashion merchandising and journalism. When Amanda isn't blogging, you can find her at the winery, thrift store or working on her Catholic education memoir "Bitches, Whores and Stoners Wear Plaid." She is currently finishing her degree in the MidWest but will rejoin her soul in New York shortly.

  1. pablo posted the following on September 10, 2008 at 3:12 pm.

    more than a sweater… more than ugly.

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