QUOTE: Robin Givhan Thinks Thin Is In

QUOTE: Robin Givhan Thinks Thin Is In fashion

, a journalist for the , knows that , but she’s telling everyone else that they shouldn’t be surprised:

“The fatter the general population, the thinner the idealized woman. And for all the public posturing and blogging, the only force that stopped people from buying clothes and magazines was the souring economy, not righteous indignation over skinny models. Fashion doesn’t just reject the overweight and the obese. It also gives the average a hard time, too; it makes them worry about every cookie eaten at the end of a meal or every exercise commitment that goes unmet. Fashion is a purveyor of status. It is a badge of honor for having outrun, outfasted saddlebags — unless they are floral-printed and made by Dolce & Gabbana. Those who can indulge in fashion feel their prize is that much more valuable.”

Let the uproar begin.

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