The Girls Ain’t So Spicy No Mo’……

The Girls Aint So Spicy No Mo...... fashion

Caption: $10,000 to the 1st one to bring me a Spice Girl head to mount on my wall

As a long time fan of The Spice Girls, I must express my disappointment and violent revulsion about Mel B and ‘Osh-Kosh B’ Posh venturing into fashion. Stay in your lane baby, stay in your lane and actually I don’t even think singing IS your lane………..pitchy! It’s so sad to see my Spicy McChicken-lets subletting their cunts out to corporate big wigs for a peso just like these 15 minute fame whores and “designing” a line. You’re not the one really designing it, so how can you say it’s you line, isn’t that plagiarism……………isn’t that punishable by death or bitch slap or SOMETHIN’…….

Like I said before, I have no problem with chicks makin’ more money for their various extracurricular activities like meth, coke, and more meth but can you please go and screw with another industry?! Maybe off shore drilling or prostitution – I hear the latter is hiring anyway. You just have to be a multitasking hardworker with minimal gag reflex……

-Z’maji, The Glam’Rist

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