The Old Men on the Block

The Old Men on the Block fashion

The Old Men on the Block fashion

The Old Men on the Block fashion

The boy bands are coming, the boy bands are coming………and boy are they old *ZING*. I keed. No but seriously, it’s an epidemic of ginormous proportions. New Kids on the Block, Backstreet Boys & New Edition are all back on the scene, I wonder if that residual income on songs sang has run out and it was either do another CD or the graveyard shift at Mickey Dumps. The overwhelming fear of my heart is pre-middle aged men traveling in groups of 5, dressed in the same color scheme, Jesus take the wheel. I don’t even know how New Kids were able to get Jonathan back on stage. Remember a few years ago when he was on Montell boo-hoo’n about stage fright and crowds of people, agoraphobia. I guess the possibility of makin’ more cash killed that. How do you feel about grown, really grown, men doin’ pop music, dancin’ around, looking matchy matchy? I know that’s my phobia!


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