The Only Part Of The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Worth Mentioning

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Unfortunately, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has become so cliche and cookie cutter that there are rarely any huge highlights for me anymore. Don’t get me wrong the show is amazing and more or less flawless every year, but where has all the excitement gone? There was one part of the show that had me on the edge of my seat getting into the show, and that was the Pink collection shown above. This part of the fashion show actually featured some cool fashions. The standard bra and panties are getting a bit old, only because there isn’t really any versatility in the looks. The Pink collection featured cool pieces, fresh new models (who have to do a good job or they’ll get deported), and a great up and coming feel. The massive scarf shown in the video was my favorite part of the show (besides Miranda Kerr of course). I am starting my search for it today. The scarf was huge, and now that I think about it, it was almost on the verge of being deemed a blanket. So any Victoria’s Secret personel out their who may, by some divine miracle, read this, less cookie cutter formalities, more exciting stuff like the Pink collection. Oh and if you could get me a date with Miranda Kerr that would be great too!

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Article by Corey Moran

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