The Private Life Of Uniforms

Fashion tries to tell you to be different, BOLD, daring, fierce (and sometimes chock full of nuts crazy looking), so it’s ironic that the new trend in fashion contradicts all this.  I speak of ‘The Uniform’. Now a whole set of boundaries are being broken when you transform the old jail-mate getup and make it into a fashion statement.  This might upset some school administrators.

The Private Life Of Uniforms fashion
As a uniform-stricken student I thought there was no cure for the  horrific imprisonment of clothing conformity. True, I don’t have to think about what I wear to school every day, but how do I express my individuality?  So when the new trend is the look of plaid skirts and knee highs I know there is hope for us private school kids. Now the look has manifested itself to schools both public and private, including the runway, the ultimate school of fashion’s final exam. With the cute uniforms comes not so cute rules to make sure no one is breaking away from the crowd (in private schools).  Meaning the way they dress up their uniforms in “Gossip Girl” might be the most inaccurate thing about the show. If I walked into my school wearing red Louis Vuitton tights and a yellow trench coat I would get the boot in about five seconds of stepping into the building. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use the show for inspiration to see what you can get away with!.  Now all we need is a Gossip Girl blogger in every school!
.The Private Life Of Uniforms fashion
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