Ever since Charlie Sheen joined Twitter about 22 hours ago, his popularity has grown so exponentially that he will no doubt reach 1 million followers by the time I’ve finished writing this. But with only 16 tweets to his name, what nuggets of mind-altering awesome has he revealed upon the world?

The Sheen Twitter Phenomenon

-He and Diddy are about to become BFFs.

-He’s accepted being branded as the stateside equivalent of the shitshow in Egypt.

-He’s revealed that he can tell Warlock time and could probably use a manicure.

-He’s started his official campaign to redesign the Oscar in his image.

-He succinctly described how nearly everyone feels about Nancy Grace.

-And, for his very first entry into the Twitterverse, he advocates his love of…chocolate milk and/or Naked Juice. Both of which, one must assume, contain healthy servings of tiger blood and Adonis DNA.

Twitter has, overnight, become one of my primary sources of entertainment. And that saddens me. But Charlie Sheen fills me with joy and hope, if only because he’s someone with more money than he knows what to do with and just doesn’t give a fuck about anything.

Which is basically the American dream.

Oh, and the number of Tweeters following Sheen as of 6:13 EST: 984,851. So close!

Link Love: Unemployed Winner’s Twitter