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Edited by on February 25 2010 at 3:30 PM

The Ten: Things That Got Us Through Fashion Week

With New York Fashion Week over and done, we take a minute to look back at the the ten things that really helped us get through the madness. Check out our list of ten fashion week saviors after the jump.

1. Robert Verdi’s Luxe Laboratory – Not only did Verdi provide bloggers like us a place to rest and write while in between shows, he also fed us, got us drunk and provided us with VIP transportation courtesy of Mercedes-Benz. I’m definitely going to miss the daily manicures courtesy of Ginger and Liz and blow-outs from the stylist with Phyto Hair Care.

The Ten: Things That Got Us Through Fashion Week

2. The Art of Shaving Shaving Kit – The good folks at The Art of Shaving were nice enough to send me the perfect kit for keeping my beard looking managed. This four piece set kept my bristles at bay and the clean shave ensured that ever double kiss to fashion peeps didn’t result in razor burn.

The Ten: Things That Got Us Through Fashion Week

3. Skin 1 by Dr. Gram – A long time favorite of Becks and I, Dr. Gram’s collection of skin care ensured that we were always fresh faced for the tents and could wash the city off our face each night. The face scrub is equally good as a body scrub, so if you’re looking for a product that will leave both your cheeks kissably soft (and acne free) this is it.

The Ten: Things That Got Us Through Fashion Week

4. iPhone iSkinsThe perfect accessory for me cause I’m so accident prone, the iSkins cover is also good for the vain. It includes a high gloss mirrors that allows you to check yourself out before any necessary photo ops.

The Ten: Things That Got Us Through Fashion Week

5. David Barton Gym – After a long day between Milk and the Tents, a nice sweat was the perfect way to burn off steam and review collections on my iPhone. Plus nearly every master of publicity seems to work out here.¬† Just a few days ago I spotted Pablo Olea (Jeremy Scott’s publicist) steaming in the sauna and my favorite representative from Gucci, Alex Gobo getting¬† in a few reps. Seriously, the perfect spot for any fashion person to workout and network.

The Ten: Things That Got Us Through Fashion Week

6. Cargo Pro Picks Collection – This perfectly packaged collection has everything you need in order to touch up during the middle of the day, especially when you’re forced to do touch-ups in the porter potties outside the Bryant Park Tents. Yes, this is the glam that fashion writers rarely reflect on.

7. Sephora by O.P.I Nailpolish in Metro Chic – Gray nail polish is my current obsession. It stays on, seems masculine enough, and literally matches everything in my closet. I couldn’t have gotten through fashion week without a coat of this stuff.

The Ten: Things That Got Us Through Fashion Week

8. Cinzia Sunglasses – Sunglasses and sitting front row of fashion week go together like cock and balls. When Cinzia sent me a pair to rock for fashion week, they quickly became my default. Not only did these cover up the massive bags that formed under my eyes from 8 days of straight after-parties and drunkenness, but they were perfect for letting me sleep during shows that just weren’t worthy of my attention.

9. Stiruppz - The PR bitches for these contact me all the time to write about them but I totally thought they were a joke. That was until I tried them and now I’m hooked. I’m a complete boot snob, so anything that makes it easy for me to slip my jeans inside and keep them there, I’m on it. These do just that. Get them if you’d actually like to look like you styled yourself when you left the house rather than like a Zoe-aphobe.

10. APPLE!!!! – You guys and your amazing products. Everyone at La Casa Saynt is on the Apple diet. iPhones, iPods, iMacs, iBooks, Apple TV for watching recorded fashion shows on the big screen. Apple was the unofficial sponsor of this and every fashion week. Muchos gracias Steve Jobs. I’m officially your bitch.


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