The Travesty of the Tears

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The Travesty of the Tears  fashion

Falling on the runway. Embarrassing? Yes. Painful? Most Likely. Forgotten about by next season? Of course. But a tumble on the runway is a mere blip on the radar in comparison to this season’s runway trauma: crying on the runway. We’ve heard the rumors and seen the photos of ’s teary catwalk during Jil Sander’s Fall 2009 collection in Milan. Allow me to clear the gossip of bad breakups, tights shoes and painful cramps to bring you the biggest bullshit excuse I’ve ever heard. According to , Abeliunaite’s booker, her eyes are sensitive and bright lights turn on the waterworks: “She has delicate eyes,” Piazzi explained. “We were laughing with the casting director after the show.” Hmm…maybe it was nervous laughter because Piazzi knew he wouldn’t be making quite the same commission on this girl. Honestly, if the whole bright lights excuse was really the case, Abeliunaite, regardless of her gorgeous features, would not have a career in modeling. And hello, bright lights are used in every runway show, so why haven’t we seen tears from the model before? 

Personally, I’d like to hear from Abeliunaite herself. You’re a big girl beautiful, why don’t you tell the world why you were really crying/tearing up/eye watering instead of having your uncreative booker make up some lame excuse? 

Thanks NY Mag!

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