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The Trolsons Further Infect The World

The Trolsons Further Infect The World fashion

   Sooooo(gasp)………..hungry (wheeze)…………

Well, the malnourished have triumphed yet again.  Mary Kate & Ashley have taken time out from not bathing and not eating and making high-fashion look like duds from Goodwill to bring us a new “high-end” line. Now I was expecting to totally and completely pan it in my polite and friendly manner,  but it ain’t all that bad.  I actually think it’s a good beginning for the girls sportswear line………….did I say that?!  Must be a full moon.

‘Elizabeth’ refers to the signature blazer tailored more to a woman’s form and ‘James’ is the boyish tailored blazer with a boxy fit.  E & J offers fun pencil skirts, fur jackets (PETA is gonna bust some heads for this one), sack dresses, cashmere sweaters………..something for the sickly fashionista longing for a piece of fried chicken in us all.

The Trolsons Further Infect The World fashion

I really am shocked.  I mean it’s not as if it’s the second coming of Valentino, but it’s not bad – not bad at all.  Truth is,  I know these girls aren’t really designing a thing in their collection but what can we really expect from them?!  After all, your brain turns to poo when all you’ve eaten is lettuce and paper towels.  I’m sending a box of fatnin’ donuts and a few double meat, double cheezes from Micky D’s 1st class for the utter salvation of The Trolsons………put it in ya mouf’.

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