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by on June 1, 2012

We’re having a love affair with the kids over at Société Perrier and bringing some of their insider news straight to you. Check out all the dish after the jump.

The Weekly Sip With Société Perrier: Singapore Boozing, Svetlana Pall Mall & Gail Bucklands Rock Exhibit

Author and curator Gail Buckland discusses her first major museum exhibit on rock ‘n’ roll, Who Shot Rock & Roll, which takes a look at photographers and their images of live performances, portraits, album covers and backstage antics.

Resident and nightlife expert Victoria Khan takes us on a tour of the hottest places to booze in bustling Singapore, and we’re quickly falling in love. Get me on the next plane please!

Host of the annual Tranny Olympics and weekly Mixed Nuts karaoke party, 25-year-old Berlin nightlife queen Svetlana Pall Mall talks about her five favorite things, including mini skirts and Bloody Marys. You go girl.


Contributed by Amanda Gabriele

I stole my first pair of platforms from the Spice Bus in 1997 when Anglophilia was all the rage. Collector of vintage bags, vinyl and kitchen appliances. My dream of becoming a butcher is momentarily on hiatus so I can teach you how to wear muumuus and apply false eyelashes. Follow me on Twitter @CrystlMeatballs.