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Edited by on August 12 2009 at 1:39 PM

Theres A Pretty Saleswoman, Run!

We know sometimes your willingness to buy a product varies with the attitude of the salesperson. But with Sephora, it’s not so much about attitude as it is about looks. There are those salespeople that smother on pounds of makeup hoping that you buy one of the 80 products represented on their face, and then there are the others that go natural and wear no makeup at all.

A recent study reports that women in the presence of salespeople more attractive than them were less likely to purchase the beauty products. They just didn’t want to go near the people! Funny, I would have thought quite the opposite. I mean if your next to someone much more attractive, especially in a makeup store, wouldn’t you want to buy all the products possible?


Story by Marissa Moshell, Student

When I started this internship I was a quiet, innocent, polite girl. Now I find myself bashing poorly dressed celebrities and trannys thanks to the influence of Daniel Saynt. I am a huge Metro Station fan. My true inspiration for writing is my desire to gain equality for all lactose intolerant folks in the work place. My goal is to prove to the fashion world that we too are people and that we can change the world one Soy Milk mustache at a time!