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Picture 29

I’m sure by now you’ve seen all of our ‘Last Night’s Party’s from last week, and you know that Thursday night we were at Webster Hall for Diesel’s U:Music talking with Cobra Starship and Passion Pit, and then avidly blogged until 5am so that you could all see the details from the night first, so our weekend started quite early.  Of course, we headed out Friday and Saturday to some different spots so we could (hopefully) have crazy/funny stories on Monday.

Picture 5Our Friday started early as we felt the effects of staying up all night, and woke up early to head to the Nylon and SoBe Life Water sample sale and runway event and were sad to find that Daniel and Rebecca were not there.  Regardless, the event was a good time, a great turnout, and I got a few Hellz Bellz tees from the sample sale (which I’m quite excited about). Photos of this event are now up on Cult. Later, we met Daniel and Rebecca and headed over to a meeting with a potential party spot for Fashion Indie, and enjoyed a nice lunch. Then it was time for naps before the real partying began.  

Corey’s night started out at Webster Hall with Atrak, here’s what he had to say:

Picture 38

I spent Friday night at Webster Hall courtesy of my new aquaintance Lindsay Luv. As if the bottle service wasn’t enough, we had the best table in the house for A-Trak and Treasure Fingers, two of the best (and my favorite) DJ’s in the industry. The floor below was jam packed with kids, 90% of which couldn’t see they were so messed up, but every last one of them couldn’t help but move to the insanity that was A-trak. For a DJ set I must say it ended a bit early, so that meant it was time head over to The Annex to meet up with Hillary for promised fun at Ruff Club with Aaron K.

I never fail to follow through on a promise. After hitting up Angels and Kings (a bar I actually used to mocking, please), I realized exactly why I stopped going there, so left and headed to have some real fun at Ruff Club.

Picture 39

Aaron K was ready to party as usual, in his giant tulle bow fastened with a brooch (which was absolutely amazing), and so were all of our other friends at Ruff. Needless to say, the night was full of good music, good friends, and not one, but two bottles. We closed the night outside chatting with new friends, and headed back to World Trade around 5am, luckily making it without any lost shoes.

Picture 40

Saturday was a bit more low-key (although I did not fail to miss the parade happening in Jersey City, anyone know what that was?), I headed down to Peculiar Pub to meet with Corey and a few of his old friends, and found myself surrounded with people I would find at every bar in Michigan (which isn’t a good thing, like that guy up there from the “New Haircut” video on Youtube) After a drink we left and headed to Red Head, which was quiet and relaxed, just the way I like it for a Saturday night.  We somehow managed to look down at our phones and realize it was 3:30AM, so closed the night with the bar, and parted ways. 

No complaints for this weekend, it was a lot of fun, and we love Ruff Club as usual, sorry for the lack of crazy stories, I’m sure we’ll make up for it this week!

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