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Edited by on June 30 2009 at 4:04 PM

Thread Up: A Refresh Button For Your Closet I find myself dropping significant money for faddish items, wearing them once or twice and being over them in a matter of moments. To make space in my closet, I have one of three options: sell them to a secondhand store for a mere fraction of what I paid, donate them to Goodwill or give them on a similar sized friend. Sure, a few extra dollars or that warm “good-deed” feeling are kinda nice, but the empty spaces in my closet aren’t any fun! 

Thanks to the brilliant website, Thread Up, you can exchange clothes you don’t wear for something “new to you” through peer-to-peer, online trading. Without the hassle of bartering or auctioning, you can exchange a large sweater for a small dress-shirt and know you’re getting good condition items that aren’t out of style. It’s as easy as signing up, purchasing Thread Up packaging, sending items and receiving them in return! Talk about closet cleaning and shopping, all without leaving your computer! 

Thread Up doesn’t launch until August 1st, so start excavating your closets and get ready for some fashion trades! 

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Story by Kirby Marzec

Dior, Not War.