Tom Ford Still No Ones Baby Daddy

Tom Ford regrets telling Fantastic Man he would love to be a father. Why? Could it have anything to do with fashion blogs, like ours making fun of him?

“What I learned from Fantastic Man–and from saying that–is that I will never say anything about it again. I would love to be a father; I’ve often commented about it. I don’t know whether I will. As we say in the fashion industry, I don’t have anything in the works at the moment. When I do have a child, I will simply announce it, and then that will be that. No one will see the child and the child won’t be photographed. It’s a private thing.

It’s a private thing? That’s rich coming from the man who freely talks about his love of Botox and strips down for the camera on a regular basis.

Having said all that, I still love you Tom!

Tom Ford Still No Ones Baby Daddy

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