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Tomorrow, Tomorrow, You’re Only A Day Away

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Youre Only A Day Away fashionFor those of you in great anticipation for the release of the Matthew Williamson for H&M collection, tomorrow is your day! Be prepared for bright colors, bold patterns as well as some funky jewelry and accessories. Similar to the pricing of the Comme des Garcons for collaboration, prices will range anywhere from $25 for accessories to about $350 for the beaded maxidress. 

Not sure if you should all in sick? Is it worth waiting in line during tomorrow’s forecasted rainstorm? Well, here’s my opinion. If  any of you recall my post bashing the prices of the collaboration, this collab isn’t any different. Personally, I think the line is tacky, looks cheaply made and not a single piece deserves a price tag over $80. Though I’m all about the bold pantsuit for the spring, I simply can’t imagine that the Matthew Williamson for one will fit properly or even be quality made. 

But for those of you rushing to the nearest to snag the silk tunic you’re dying to toss over your bikini this summer, please, let us know, was it worth it? 


GALLERY: Matthew Williamson for H&M Preview 

Thanks Nitrolicious!

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