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by on July 24, 2012

Men’s style blogs are ten to the penny these days but there are a few out there (10 in this case) that I would highly recommend not only taking a look at but book marking as well. I have picked these as my top ten because they offer a wide variety of content, from style to cars and health to grooming – there’s posts covering everything the modern gent needs. I recommend book marking these top ten as you can expect them to be updated regularly – almost everyday in some cases. I have personally subscribed to their RSS feeds to I don’t miss anything.

This post is brought to you from Northern Threads just like to thank Fashion Indie for allowing us a bit of space to show you the finest blogs around.

Here it goes – Top Ten Men’s Style Blogs

1- Hypebeast

Hypebeast has become a leading style blog for everyone from the “Hypebeast” to the modern gent. You can expect to find posts about almost anything you need to know about including culture, art, style, food and music. Definitely worth a read, it’s a great place to keep you informed about the latest releases and up coming trends.

Top 10 Mens Style Blogs to Bookmark

2 – Fashion Beans

Fashion beans is all about the fashion, style and grooming. It’s the perfect place to visit on a regular basis for in depth posts relating to fashion. You can expect a wide variety of text based posts that are filled with fantastic images. The kind of posts you can expect include how to guides, the latest look books, how to dress and there’s a great front man series detailing the style of celebrities.

Top 10 Mens Style Blogs to Bookmark

3 – Freshness

Freshness is a bit like Hypebeast – it’s regularly updated with intriguing (short) posts about art, culture, style, movies, vehicles and much more. Its part of the Complex Style network so you can expect the same format posts but with a more “street” vibe, it’s a must for regular updates!

Top 10 Mens Style Blogs to Bookmark

4 – Lineage of Influence

Lineage of influence is one of my favourite blogs at the moment, it’s written by one man, Rob – who does an awesome job to post regularly about fashion and “other random stuff” that interests him. Lineage of Influence is known for posts full of high quality images including look books and product focus posts.

Top 10 Mens Style Blogs to Bookmark

5 – Buckets and Spades

Buckets and Spades is similar to Lineage of Influence in the sense that it’s written by one guy who often blogs about his general interests in fashion and other related topics. His posts feature high quality images and quirky descriptions. A nice blog with a personal touch.

Top 10 Mens Style Blogs to Bookmark

6 – Style Savage

Style Savage is a regular read for me; I like it because it offers an alternative view to fashion. The blog is presented in a gentleman like way; the outfits covered boast alternative styles (not in all cases) and are featured in high quality images that never lack quality.

It’s a perfect mix and makes for a good read or viewing.

Top 10 Mens Style Blogs to Bookmark

7 – Complex

Everything in one place. Complex is a magazine that comes in the form of a hard copy and also online. It’s a mag that doesn’t just focus on style and also covers tech, sneakers, sports, music and art. A regular read for the style seeker and should certainly be in that bookmark list of yours.

Top 10 Mens Style Blogs to Bookmark

8 – Dapper Lou

Dapper Lou kind of reminds me of the Sartorialist – lots of high quality street snaps from around the world. Dapper Lou is a nice place for inspiration as those high res images contain some fine outfits – often sported by “Dapper Lou” himself. An essential bookmark!

Top 10 Mens Style Blogs to Bookmark

9 – Individualism

Individualism offers a mix of text/ image/ video based posts, the reason I like this particular blog is because it focuses on all forms of fashion – from brands we all know and love and high fashion to street style and celebrity looks.

Top 10 Mens Style Blogs to Bookmark

10 – The Urban Gent

It’s in the name – the perfect place for the urban gent. You can find text/ image based posts based on everything the urban gent needs to know about including style, fashion, entertainment, grooming and health/ fitness.

Top 10 Mens Style Blogs to Bookmark

If this has given you an appetite for more style why not check out Northern Threads Fashion Blog- A great place for the latest fashion, style and streetwear.


Contributed by Zosia Baroody

A fashion prodigy in training, you won’t see me without my beads. I enjoy headwraps, glitter and long walks on the beach. Tweet me @ZosiaBaroody