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by on September 27, 2011

We at FashionIndie love a good tranny. (Not PC, we know and don’t care.) Nothing would make us happier than to see  tran everywhere we went. That being said we’ve picked 10 werqing girls that could definitely spice up the very mundane runways of Milan this season. And hell most of them can teach these 12 year old girls a walking lesson. (Looking at you Lindsey Wixson

And now here are the girls:

Top Ten Trannys That Should Be On The Milan Runways

1. Raja

The most recent winner of our Rupaul’s Drag Race would kill in Milan. We tuned in every week to the “reality competition” to watch her creative costumes and fierce runway walk. Her legs were made for the signature  thigh high slits of Versace.


Contributed by McArthur Joseph

McArthur (aka Mac) is your average urban dandy with a love of bow ties & long nights. Check out his menswear blog & follow him on twitter: @mcarthurjoseph