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Trendspark: Different Colored Trench Belts

Trendspark: Different Colored Trench Belts fashion

Double Breasted Trench $224

Trendspark: Different Colored Trench Belts fashion

Trench $293

Ok well the images don’t really fit what I’m trying to spark here mostly because I’m pretty sure my idea doesn’t exist yet. So please use the images above to reference what I am trying to say here. I am a huge fan of the trench coat for both men and women, but with the length and amount of your body that it covers it can easily become too much of one color. So I thought of an awesome way to solve that problem, switch the belt with a different colored one from a different trench coat. If you break up your black trench with a tan belt you have an amazing look that will change the way you rock your coat. It’s just like wearing a different colored belt with your pants. I’m looking forward to more people wearing this trend, I will be in the city hunting for mine this weekend. What do you think indies, would you rock the different colored trench belt?

Thanks to Revolve for the pictures.

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