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by on November 24, 2008

TrendSpark: EarMuffs

It’s that time of year again when silk scarves become wool and bare legs are covered with tights. The hours of sunlight in a single day a about half of what they were 4 months ago. But the cold weather doesn’t have to mean the end of fashion. Nothing hurts more while walking in frigid weather than bare ears. Lately, I’ve been wearing oversized headphones to stay warm because multi-tasking is totally my thing. But there are some seriously cute earmuffs out there to keep you feeling warm and looking darling.

Pucci has a very luxurious and adorable pair of colorful earmuffs. The signature Pucci design is adorned with 100% rabbit fur, glittery band and lined with silk. Nothing like disco to keep you warm. (photo: Net-a-porter).

TrendSpark: EarMuffs

Want headphones that are cozy AND toasty warm? has earmuff headphones that will solve your winter dilemma. The headphone cord is even detachable if you decide to leave your iPod at home.

TrendSpark: EarMuffs

Maybe going against the grain is your thing. If so, it is indeed possible to find a strange and ridiculous pair of earmuffs that cover 3/4 of your face. Just check out some crazy craft Web sites and DIY! (Photo:

Contributed by Amanda Gabriele

I stole my first pair of platforms from the Spice Bus in 1997 when Anglophilia was all the rage. Collector of vintage bags, vinyl and kitchen appliances. My dream of becoming a butcher is momentarily on hiatus so I can teach you how to wear muumuus and apply false eyelashes. Follow me on Twitter @CrystlMeatballs.