TRENDSPARK: Laying It On Thick

TRENDSPARK: Laying It On Thick fashionTRENDSPARK: Laying It On Thick fashion

While the eye-makeup looks, pictured above, may be coincidental, I’m taking the initiative of making globby mascara Fashion Indie’s next Trendspark! Now, I’m not exactly the go-to girl for makeup advice, but to go along with the androgyny this spring and fall, I’m definitely going to test out this chunky-eyelash technique, heightening the fierceness of my look. Based on experience, I recommend using a cheaper brand because we all know how well that stuff clumps up! The globby is a nice change from the “pretty” eye-makeup us girls so often struggle to apply. Laying it on thick is easy enough, still makes the eye pop and looks fierce as hell. 


Images courtesy of Fashion Copious!

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