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Edited by on October 14 2008 at 11:21 AM

Trendspark: Men In Heels

Trendspark: Men In Heels

Trendspark: Men In Heels

We have all heard about Marc Jacobs wearing his skirts around, but it seems as though his high heel wearing is the trend that is really taking off. It has been popping up left and right on the runway, but it isn’t officially sparked until it hits the streets. The Sartorialist recently snapped a shot of this guy rocking his black heels on the streets of London. Apparently he isn’t the only one doing it either. London has sprouted an array of heels loving dudes who apparently need a little height added on. I personally don’t think I could pull it of because it would make me like 6′ 5″ and that’s just awkwardly tall. As random and potentially “gay” you may think this is, I don’t view it as any real surprise. Platform shoes were big back in the 60′s and even the men were wearing thick heels. It’s going to be tough for the people who are the real trendsetters to kick this one off, but I definitely can see this happening again. So pick your poison, trendsetter or trend follower?

Thanks to High Heels Passion and Fashionologie for the images.

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Story by Corey Moran

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