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by on December 1, 2008

Trendspark: Photo Shop Overkill Airbrush Me Till I Look Like That Other Hoe!
Z’maji talking to Britney on the phone:
Mmmm-hmmmmm Britney Girl, Sure, Right, Anh-Hanh……..Yea, I know you look like that in the mornin’, yea, anh-hanh, SHHUUUUURRRRE!
That ain’t you Boo, that’s a tranny fierce and she is servin you silly down!
Take notes! What in the blatant-plasticated-waxy build up’d-unmake believable-never ever land-photoshopped hail is really goin on? There ain’t a jar of Cover Girl made that can cover up emotional distress or the crazies. I am all for airbrushing out cellulitus & bullet wounds, unsightly fat dimples and low self-esteem but aren’t we being a little TOO generous.
I’ve been seeing these photos on line for the past few weeks, clearly something in the Oxycontin ain’t clean! These pics can’t be authentic! Christina Aguilera would never take such a classless picture. I mean there’s no butt less, leather chaps…………we can’t even see her “groceries”!
Now, I’m all for the airbrushing especially for the uglies but it sure would be nice if when I looked at a picture of Britney that I saw the real her. Y’know, the piece of work with the undertiddy that smells like baby vomit and disappointment. Photo-shop be damned to hell!
-Z’maji of HauteBlogXOXO

Contributed by Zmaji Robinson

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