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TrendSpark: Pregnancy

TrendSpark: Pregnancy fashion

For all of you people who are shocked were doing this, buckle your fashion seatbelts because this is happening. There are some people who just look great pregnant (Angelina Jolie), and others who don’t (anyone under the age of 21). We were going to write about this weeks ago when we first noticed this obvious trend, but then all those skanks from Gouchester, MA had to get pregnant and ruin the trend for everyone. As much as we don’t really care about how politcally incorrect we are, we weren’t about to try to push a trend with that mess going on. Regardless,there are so many pregnant celebrities out there lately that the trend was unstopable. You know it’s a trend when teenagers are doing whatever they need to obtain it, hence beating up people in Toys R’ Us for Furbies or sleeping with a 24 year old homeless man to get pregnant. Say what you want but pregnancy is so “in”, and though I’m saying this, it does not mean that you should be going out and getting knocked up because it’s trendy. So unless you are absolutely ready for a kid, be mega trendy and go buy so Marc Jacobs condoms or just avoid the risk completely and keep your awesome clothes on.

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