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Edited by on January 30 2009 at 5:31 PM

Trendspark: Rodents

Gareth Pugh Rat Jacket

If you live in New York, you hate rodents. It is simple as that. They sneak into your apartments, scamper on the subway and give your favorite¬†restaurant a failing grade during health inspection. But seeking revenge by wearing rodent clothing and accessories isn’t clever or cute…it’s pretty disturbing. Where has the sanity gone?! From coats and broaches to finger puppets and salt-and-pepper shakers, rats and mice weaseling their way back into everyday life. Hmm…maybe a rat broach would look good with that doggy sweater you were thinking of knitting…

GALLERY: Trendspark: Rodents

Thanks Trend de la Creme! 

Story by Kirby Marzec

Dior, Not War.