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Trendspark: Simple Shoes, Cool Laces

Trendspark: Simple Shoes, Cool Laces fashion


Trendspark: Simple Shoes, Cool Laces fashion

Jon Lobb


What started off as a trend with sneakers is slowly evolving into one of my new favorite things. Cool colored laces can make even the simplest shoe look cool and hip. Don’t get too carried away though, too crazy and you’ll draw all your attention to your feet. The Jon Lobb shoes above are a display of perfection. The white laces stand out great against the blue leather shoe, and really make the shoe. The Gram shoes are a not so formal way of rocking this trend. The best part about the trend is that it’s cheap and versatile. Just take your simple tennis shoes and throw some cool laces in them. Throw some im your oxford’s and be a true fashionista.


Thanks to Selectism for the pics!

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