TRENDSPARK: Skinny Boyfriends

Kirby September 25 at 1:18 | Comments | TWEET THIS

TRENDSPARK: Skinny Boyfriends  fashionOk ladies, I’m taking the initiative and telling you that it’s about time you throw those muscular, beefy studs of yours to the wayside. Forget about the safety you feel in their arms, it’s all about being able to wrap yours around him three times. Baby faces, structured jaws, quirky smirks and skinny jeans are a must. Oh, and if you can’t see a ribcage, don’t even bother.

Okay, so now that I’ve basically made my Craigslist post for my ideal boyfriend, the real reason I posted this photo via Jak & Jil Blog is because I love candid model shots…it just so happens that I’d date any and all of these guys…perhaps at the same time.

God, I’m a creep.

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