BeautySpark: The Baby FaceBeautySpark: The Baby Face

This trend has been around for ages, but it seems to be recurring. With the fall season well underway, this gives you a whole two seasons to contemplate and allow the Spring/Summer 2009 trend of the baby face to ingrain itself in your brain. I know, I know…you feel naked without your caked on mascara, eyeshadow, foundation and eyeliner. The truth is, and always has been, that the youthful, natural look is what’s in.

Issa’s Spring 2009 models showed the exact youthful aesthetic that Spring 2009 will bring. World renowned makeup artist Pat McGrath told Vogue that ”bronzed cheeks, beautiful pinky highlights and nice healthy skin” were key for Issa’s look. He also added that a smudged, youthful smokey eye and light, glossed lips are big!

Thanks Vogue and STYLE!