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TrendSpark: The Leather Face

TrendSpark: The Leather Face fashion



TrendSpark: The Leather Face fashion



TrendSpark: The Leather Face fashion


Nothing says”I’m a famous designer from the 80s” better than having overly tanned, leather-like skin. The Costume Bash at the MET brought out a who’s who of crypt ready keepers of couture, who made most of the room smell like fresh slabs of beef jerky. Mmm, delicious.

To achieve this oh so fabulous look, spend at least 10-15 hours a day in a tanning bed covered in butter and select spices from the Roberto Cavalli seasoning collection. Soon your skin will become untouchable, for fear that even the slightest brush up will send enough pain to your system and evoke an instant seizure. Swallowing your tongue is so not stylish. Once you have burned through your epidermis, begin peeling off your alligator like hide. Underneath you will find perfectly fresh, Donatella Versace-like skin that will leave all in awe of your fabulous beauty and crisp orange skin.  Wallow in their envy of you. Repeat as necessary.

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