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TRENDSPARK: The Sealpelt!

TRENDSPARK: The Sealpelt! fashion

Fuck the Snuggie this is the real deal Holyfield right here. is a $400 bodysuit that I would literally live in if I had one. is from Iceland, and is the new object of my affections. You may think that the look a bit familiar, and that’s because Mr. Henrik Vibskov used one in his runway show awhile back. Incase you can’t sense my excitement, I will say in all seriousness that I think this is the coolest thing ever! It was created by Vik Prjonsdottir, and is available for purchase at Birkiland. If someone wants to buy me one that would be great. I’ll e-mail you my address.

TRENDSPARK: The Sealpelt! fashionTRENDSPARK: The Sealpelt! fashion
TRENDSPARK: The Sealpelt! fashion

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