TrendSpark: Turn the Walk-of-Shame into a Catwalk

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TrendSpark: Turn the Walk of Shame into a Catwalk

Oversized Tee. Check. Pride in Tact. Double Check.

The newest trend in street style is to wear versatile outfits that work for night and morning, so 

I have always been all about vintage/indie fashion, and the downtown club scene is no exception. This past Saturday I was feeling extra creative and decided to make a new addition to my nightlife wardrobe. In doing so I came up with the perfect solution to a common problem: What can I wear to the clubs and/or bars knowing that the end of the night may well continue into the next morning? Or, If you want it put bluntly, what can I wear at night that can transition into the morning…so i won’t be pointed and laughed at during my almost-certain encounter with THE WALK OF SHAME?

The solution? (Again this panders to the female crowd)

A cool vintage tee, with some minor modifications. So here’s what you do:

1. Go get a tee shirt that has a cool rocker vibe and fits rather loosely (no abercrombie & fitch message tees allowed!!!!!). The best are almost 100% cotton.

2. Take scissors and cut just above the hem on both the sleeves, and just below the hem on the neck. Stretch the sleeves and neck with your hands…DONE AND DONE.

3. Pair with one or a few long necklaces that have an unpolished metal finish (no shiny chains from Claire’s).

That night, not only did I receive compliments on the shirt (which was about $8 at a local thrift store), but after crashing on the futon of a friend’s apartment, I proudly walked home in the am with my head held high, not receiving one honk, heckling name-call, or awkward stare. Upon my arrival, my roommates even thought I had already gone out to do errands. Not having to resort to the short-cut through the pricker-infused hedges was also a plus!

Bottom line?

Indie Girls, be loud, be proud, and be able to go where the party takes you, without fear of public humiliation the next day.

All for now,

Ariel (CultIndie Member) 

Article by Daniel Saynt, The Dude

I run this magical land of fashion. That's about it. Read 4187 articles by Daniel Saynt, The Dude
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