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TWEET-A-TETE: @marian_kihogo

Marian Kihogo is a blogger, stylist and creative consultant as well as a contributing editor to PUSH IT Magazine. We took to Twitter to transcend the thousands of miles of ocean and a five hour time difference for a Tweet-à-Tête.

TWEET A TETE: @marian kihogo

@fashionindie: So, first things first, what are you wearing?

@marian_kihogo: today I like to call my look ‘car mechanic by way of the 70′s’ I’m in vintage jumpsuit-vintage headwrap-vintage accessories

@fashionindie: You’re speaking my language, lady. I knew I wanted you to be my 1st Tweet-à-Tête interview b/c of your incredible style.

@marian_kihogo: total honour for me, seeing that it’s fashion indie and it’s your first!

here is a pic of what I’m in today TWEET A TETE: @marian kihogo

TWEET A TETE: @marian kihogo

@fashionindie: I’m living for that scarf. Where’d you get it?

@marian_kihogo: the scarf is actually the product of a long story.To cut it short,I bought it off a lovely elderly lady She had it on her bag!

I paid her in bangle. We did a swap on a bus. Hilarious story, told you it was long TWEET A TETE: @marian kihogo

@fashionindie: I remember when I first saw you at NYFW. 12 ft tall, stunning, black head2toe, black fur coat, FUCHSIA LIP. #dead

It was like you were the walking embodiment of fierce. What inspires your style?

@marian_kihogo: thank you so much. Over the winter it was all about the faux fur and fuchsia lip. Something so rock’n'roll glam about it

my style has always been directed by the emotive plus a love of the 70′s,sharp tailoring & a need to express a present moment

I’m inspired by everything and nothing; a film, a moment, a woman on the street, a song, a place, inspiration is all around

@fashionindie: I’m all about the 70s. It’s funny you’re werqing a 70s car mechanic look, I was going for 70s college art prof.

TWEET A TETE: @marian kihogo

@marian_kihogo: I love that ’70s college art prof’ I might have to try that tonight for a clients party TWEET A TETE: @marian kihogo

@fashionindie: Feel free, it’s all about a cardigan.

@fashionindie: When I actually spoke to you, I wasn’t at all surprised you were British. The Br. fashion scene’s always been so cutting edge

@marian_kihogo: I think it is because the UK has always been known for experimentation, that certain spirit of fearless willingness to create

the fashion scene here is such a mix. The slick established luxury – eg Burberry to the clever wit – Giles etc

we are fashion’s ‘enfant terrible’ but it has birthed incredible talent TWEET A TETE: @marian kihogo

@fashionindie: I agree. In NY it feels like you can always wear anything or try anything, but there’s no sense of rebellion. Are u a rebel?

@marian_kihogo: Im most defo a rebel in a sense.I’ve always lived by the ideal that the mass market is myself.what I want to wear for me goes

but I think that rebel is in every creative,a need to create a new path, to dress to pls self. No real creative can be a clone

@fashionindie: Rebel w/ a cause. Do u have any labels you absolutely can’t live w/o? Or are u more of an eclectic anything goes kind of gal?

@marian_kihogo: wow I’m more of a ‘does it move marian?’ kind of girl

so if it moves me it is a done deal. All I ever bought fashion wise challenged me mentally/ is emotive

so designers like. Ana Šekularac, Jean Pierre Braganza, McQueen, Balenciaga, Halston, Prada (maria francesca pepe)@MFPepe

have become faves over time because I resonate with their vision, aesthetic and journey as creatives

@fashionindie: I’m looking over some preview images from the #McQueen #Met retrospective. It’s breathtaking.

@marian_kihogo: there will never be another McQueen; the fearlessness, the vision, the technical ability, the ability to weave a story

@fashionindie: So true. Though I love what Sarah Burton‘s been doing with the house. Are you interested at all in the #RoyalWedding ?

@marian_kihogo: ha I knew a question about the #RoyalWedding was coming! TWEET A TETE: @marian kihogo I’m actually interested in the gown. hoping for contemporary

@fashionindie: It’s all I hear about! Americans haven’t been this Anglophilic since the Spice Girls. I think we all love a giant spectacle.

@marian_kihogo: well hold your prada clutches and Dolce corset dresses as something tells me it is going to be huge TWEET A TETE: @marian kihogo

@fashionindie: But as a Brit, does it mean anything to you besides the gown? #stillhoping4McQ Is there a patriotic pride attached?

@marian_kihogo: there is patriotic pride attached as I think the Royal family is a beautiful thing. So for me, a new princess is exciting

there is a feeling of being all part of an extended bridal party as it were. Like one big party celebrating with them

@fashionindie: It seems to really bring the country together.

@marian_kihogo: Well put!

@fashionindie: I know here, our 1st Lady has a tremendous influence on fashion. Will it be the same for Kate?

@marian_kihogo: I think Kate will have an influence on fashion. Whether she will have as much effect as Princess Diana remains to be seen

I know a few people who are already tipping her as icon, there are those who went out and bought the Issa engagement dress

@fashionindie:  That dress was cute and all but Di’s a huge legacy 2 live up 2. So tell me about your blog? How’d you get started?

@marian_kihogo: my blog was actually the internet version of a scrapbook I’d compiled over yrs. It had fabric scraps,images, quotes etc

if I found something thought provoking/inspiring, it went into that tattered book. When I moved and lost it, the blog was born

@fashionindie: That’s brilliant! And you’ll never lose it, unless the internet disappears. And how did you get into styling?

@marian_kihogo: I started styling at 14,my friends mother looked a mess for dinner. I cut up her designer dress. She became my 1st client.

@fashionindie: “my friends mother looked a mess for dinner.” I hope you’re as honest with your other clients!

@marian_kihogo: oh honesty(with tact no doubt!:) is an important policy TWEET A TETE: @marian kihogo and most people value and respect it.

@fashionindie:  What’s a typical styling gig?

@marian_kihogo: there is no typical styling gig! That’s why I love it.

Everything from pre-styling someone for an alps winter get-a-away for month to a red carpet function.Its fun-hectic-constant

@fashionindie: When dressing a client, do you buy what you think THEY would like or what YOU would want to see them in?

@marian_kihogo: that’s a great question. It is always about what they like, what image they want to have the public see.

with clients we work to suit an image they want to create-develop-maintain.I offer tips/ideas but they must be happy

so it is a very symbiotic relationship. They provide the desired dream image and style icons, I bring the fuel with ideas

@fashionindie: Okay, for my final question. Music and fashion always go hand in hand for me. What are you listening to these days?

@marian_kihogo: love your last question! Rihanna‘s Loud album is fantastic, Notorious Big(brilliant), Nina Simone, Joni Mitchell, Jimi Hendrix

I am a huge music fan both new and old. Music and fashion go hand in hand.Thanks for the tweet-interview. Glam kisses, Marian

Written by Lester Brathwaite

I was center square from 1969 to 1978, during which I perfected the art of the zing as well as a crippling cocaine addiction. Bea Arthur was responsible for both. @LesFabian lester dot brathwaite at gmail